Meet the People: Katie Briner

Katie’s graphic design background is as diverse as a French Paper color catalog! She’s created stationery, package design, catalog layouts, art directed photo shoots, created branding collateral, clothing graphics, wayfinding, and environmental graphics.
“Graphic Design allows me to take concepts or feelings and make them real through design,” said Katie. “I get to create something beautiful, fun, balanced, or just easier to understand for people to then experience.”

Katie’s creativity doesn’t end at work. At home, she uses her creative genius through home improvement. Yes, she owns a table saw. Once when her husband was out of town, she ripped out a closet and replaced it with a custom locker/cubby system. She’s not afraid to try new projects, and learn as she goes.

Another of Katie’s creative outlets is cooking, and she likes to take on new challenges in the kitchen. When she dines out, her favorite local restaurant is Tolon. She’s can’t get enough of their kale salad and Brussel sprouts. “They’re so good!” she said.
Katie spends her free time with her husband Kurt, daughter Stella, and dog Tank, who is a whopping 4.5 pounds. They bike the trail system regularly, with Tank riding along in a tote. They enjoy drivable weekend getaways, with their favorites being Chicago and St. Louis.

Her daughter Stella is her proudest accomplishment. “She’s cool, and surprisingly mature,” says Katie. “She wakes me up most mornings, and is already dressed and ready for school. She’s the one that gets both of us out the door each day.” Recently, they read the entire Harry Potter series together each night, watching the corresponding movie after finishing each book. It ended up being a three-year adventure! At the end, they celebrated with a Harry Potter themed birthday party for Stella’s 8th birthday. Katie created “supporting collateral,” including chocolate frogs, floating great hall candles, Hedwig balloons, a potions class, owl cupcakes, and butterbeer floats.

Katie’s favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. “I’ve read it multiple times, and redesigned a cover for it as a college project.” She owns three copies with different covers – a modern reimagining, a traditional cover, and one that was “on sale at the book store.”

Katie is currently working on many fun projects, including our internal brand guide, a series of wall murals for Glenbrook Square Mall, materials for our financial marketing efforts, DC-branded clothing for employees and friends, and overhauling our existing graphics templates. This month will be her first anniversary at DC. She’s enjoyed diving into the world of environmental graphics and finding new and interesting ways to express a brand throughout a space.