Meet the People: Misty James

Misty James started at Design Collaborative as a part-time receptionist in 1997. She was going to school then, working on her Associate of Business Administration degree. After she earned her degree, she moved into a full-time role at DC, before becoming a project secretary. Once she mastered that role, she became the Office Manager.
Misty’s work at DC allows her to help clients and staff find solutions to issues. She enjoys being in a role where her teammates depend on her, likes to help them grow in their roles, and values being a resource to the staff. She supervises the administrative staff, and has seen the current team come together to become a strong unit of support for DC’s design studios.

Outside of her nearly twenty-one years at DC, Misty spends her time with her family. She has three children – one is out of college, one is a senior in high school who plays baseball and spends a lot of time prepping for college, and one is in sixth grade and plays volleyball. Misty’s family spends a lot of time together – cheering each other on at sporting events that generally stretch from March to August. Misty and her husband have always been supportive of their kids’ passions and attend all of their games.
Family is the most important thing to Misty, and last year, she became a grandmother. Her 10 month-old granddaughter is crawling, standing up occasionally, and thinking about walking. Misty loves to interact with her by babbling back to her attempts at talking. Apart from her immediate family, Misty is close with her four brothers and two sisters. The family spends a lot of time together. She and her family like to cook and grill out together. Her favorite team to cheer for is Alabama, and she enjoys inviting her family over to watch a game and share a meal.
Misty’s outdoor therapy is yard work and gardening. She likes to improve her home through constant projects, like painting and organizing to name a couple. In fact, her dream job would be a professional organizer! She loves the sense of accomplishment she feels after something that was disorderly has been organized.
Her proudest accomplishments are her children. Recently, her oldest daughter found out she’d passed her exam and is a Registered Nurse! Misty is so proud of her children, and considers her daughter becoming an RN to be a major accomplishment for their family.
When they decide to skip cooking and go out for dinner, Misty’s family loves Buffalo Wings and Ribs. She loves Foster Park – from the playgrounds her children played on when they were younger, to the springtime tulips, to the photos ops for prom and family portraits. She enjoys walking the park’s trails, too.
As much as Misty loves her family and her city, Design Collaborative values her hard work and dedication to the company. We hope Misty stays with us for another twenty years and beyond!