Meet the People: Pat Pasterick

Name? Pat Pasterick


How old are you? 56


Where are you from? Born in Mount Pleasant, PA, graduated high school in Merrillville, IN
What is your role at DC?
I’m the President, a partner, and an architect. I focus on strategic planning, corporate leadership, business development and have just enough project involvement mixed in to stay engaged with clients and some really talented staff.


How many years have you been in the field? 33


What registrations/certifications do you have? Registered Architect: IN, OH, IL; AIA; LEED AP


Where did you obtain your degree? B. Arch- Ball State University


Do you focus on any specific market?
Corporate and Community, as well as some Higher Education
Can you tell us a little bit about a project you’re currently working on?
I just finished a multi-phased 200,000-sf reorganization/renovation for Raytheon’s corporate HQ. The project involved substantial renovation to the entire facility with new labs and office spaces including refreshing the building to reflect a culture that attracts young, talented engineers.
What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on while at DC?
My favorite project is DC--the company. As it continues to grow and evolve, it’s an ever-changing problem solving exercise that brings a lot of challenges, but it is also a source of great satisfaction and pride.
What's your favorite part about DC?
I get to do things on a regular basis that play to my strengths and that I really enjoy. Isn’t that what we all aspire to?  
What do you enjoy doing outside of DC?
Spending time with my wife and family, watching my son play soccer, and being outside doing projects.
Why do people choose DC?
For employees, it’s an opportunity to make a difference working with a great team--which includes a lot of our clients--on cool projects and an environment that helps you to develop your strengths and grow in areas that interest and excite you as well as benefitting DC. For clients, it’s a genuine relationship with teammates who will actively guide, inspire, and bring your vision to fruition.
What is something we don’t know about you?
My family roots are from Russia. I have made two trips there spending over two months in a variety of locations throughout the area formerly called the USSR. Amazing place and people, but it never ceases to make me thankful that I was born and live in the US.
Any advice for current and future clients?
Take time to think strategically for the future. Unfortunately, the urgency and uncertainty of the world we live in requires us to react too often and inhibits us from trying to anticipate the future. After 30+ years in this business, I recognize what a significant impact the process of making time to think and plan ahead can make. Feel like an overwhelming or fruitless effort? Call me, I’d love to discuss how this can help you deal with your problems today as well as the ones you can’t see that will show up in the future.