Meet the People: Rich Busfield

If you’re familiar with the projects DC has designed in downtown Fort Wayne, Rich Busfield likely played a role in them. His favorite part of working in the architecture and engineering field is getting to work on prominent projects in the community.
“I’ve worked on The Harrison, the Skyline Park green roof, and Skyline Tower, to name a few,” said Rich. “I was the Project Manager for The Hoppy Gnome and Gnometown Brewery, and I’m the project manager for the upcoming restaurant Proximo.”

At least once a week, you can find Rich at The Hoppy Gnome. He considers himself a regular, and is on a first name basis with the staff. It’s his favorite restaurant in town not only because he played a part in its design but because he loves their food.

Rich has over 33 years of experience in the industry. He joined DC in 1994, and has gained a ton of knowledge from working with his peers, and gained responsibility by taking on new roles. He started as a draftsman and is now a project leader/manager. “Most projects I work on, I lead. But for some, I manage. I’m kind of like the utility guy on a baseball team – jack of all trades; master of a few.”

Having grown up in Mishawaka, IN, Rich’s lifelong love for Notre Dame sports started at childhood. He goes to several UND football games each season with family and friends, and if he can’t get to the game in person, he’s watching it at home.
In addition to his love for Notre Dame, Rich has developed a love for health and fitness. Over the last two years, he’s lost over 100 pounds through lifestyle change. He spends time in the home gym every night. He considers his health his proudest accomplishment. After having a heart attack in 2004, he made significant changes.

Rich has a healthy relationship with his favorite foods – steak and cheese. “If I can stay away from cheese, I’m doing good. I’d rather have cheese and crackers than any cookie!” A few more of his favorite things are the movie Groundhog Day, music of all genres, and a relaxing beach or anywhere with water.
While he’s excited about some upcoming cool projects he’s working on, Rich values the small things that life has to offer – creating memories with family and friends through experiences versus having things.