Meet the People: Tim Terman

Tim Terman wanted to be an architect since childhood. His favorite toys were Lincoln Logs, Legos, and anything else he could build with. When it was time to think about college and a career, his high school guidance counselor suggested he apply to Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning. He applied without a backup plan, and was accepted. Later, he realized how difficult it was to get into CAP, as he was surrounded by valedictorians and salutatorians of their classes. As a result, Tim worked hard and took his education very seriously, determined to never again let luck decide his future.
Now a partner at Design Collaborative, Tim is a leader on the Higher Education team. He most enjoys designing athletic and recreation spaces. As a lifelong competitor and sports fanatic, both playing and watching, his work blends his passion for sports with his passion for design and architecture. While he feels connected to every project he’s worked on, there are a few that stand out.

The level of complexity to the Taylor University Campus Center project made it a tough but enjoyable challenge for Tim. He likes designing student centers because they’re the one building on campus that everyone uses. Students, faculty, alumni, prospective students, and more are impacted by student centers.

Turnstone's Plassman Athletic Center was specifically designed for athletes with disabilities. This added layers of complexity because it didn't include a typical basketball court, track, or weight room. The building and the spaces inside needed to meet specific requirements to accommodate the needs of its users. Tim is proud to have been part of this project, now one of seven Paralympic training sites in the country, and home to the US Goalball team.
In his free time, Tim enjoys sports. In his past, he played basketball and volleyball. He's completed two Tough Mudders. His current focus is solely on golf.
“Golf is the one sport you can play your entire life, but it can never truly be mastered,” said Tim.

Tim likes a challenge, and golf consistently offers one. Some days he plays really well, and the next day nothing works! Every time he plays, his goal is to break 80. He’s done that three times this year, and roughly a dozen times in his lifetime. For Tim, golf is a family pastime. His father introduced him to the game, and he plays with his father-in-law more than anyone else. He’s proud that his 7 year-old son has started playing and his 5 year-old daughter is showing interest, too.

A theme in Tim’s life is conquering challenges. Always wanting to be challenged, Tim enjoys local escape rooms. He, along with his wife and a group of friends, are so far undefeated in the rooms they’ve visited. The escape rooms let him use the information he’s given to solve a puzzle, complete a challenge, and answer questions. This specific group of friends that he visits escape rooms with are particularly good at communicating as a group to solve the problem at hand. This is similar to how Tim is able to work with his team. No one wastes time that they could be spending to communicate to solve the issues of clients.

Tim also likes to practice woodturning. This is a form of woodworking where a piece is shaped as it spins along its axis on a lathe. It’s the only woodworking activity where the wood moves and the tool stays (comparatively) still. He’s created bowls, platters, pens, bottle stoppers, and a massive goblet that pushed both his and his lathe’s abilities. He likes woodturning because it’s different, and has a smaller following within the woodworking community. His creations are primarily gifts for his family and friends, with many of them scattered around his house.

On the weekend, you can find Tim in his backyard barbecuing and smoking meats. He finds this relaxing, and a great way to entertain family and friends.
“I really like smoking meats because there’s a length of time involved – 5, 8, or 12 hours of smoking,” said Tim. “It’s a little like a mini challenge or puzzle to follow the instructions based on the amount of time going by during the cook.”
What challenge will Tim conquer next?!