Project Spotlight: Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership is the economic development umbrella coordinating efforts and working collaboratively for 11 counties in northeast Indiana to move the needle for the region. The Partnership wanted a space that reflected a top level of excellence, and they wanted to build it using products from each of the counties they represent. The main design goal was to take an outdated, disjointed, and generic office space and turn it into a welcoming, modern, open, and engaging space. The office serves as a place where potential investors and national and international business leaders could visit when considering moving their business to northeast Indiana.

With spaces for smaller conversations, a board room, an open office floor plan, and a community break room, the Partnership’s office fosters collaboration. Community leaders working on economic development issues regularly meet here for collaborative meetings, conversations with elected officials, and to use hotel office space while they’re in town.

The Partnership works with and champions businesses throughout the region. They chose to use regional vendors – at least one from each county – to help complete their interior. This included furniture, cabinetry, and workstations. Unique workstations that are a tool-less and reconfigurable system allow for flexibility and future growth. An architectural wood wall greets visitors entering the space. The employee lounge showcases a large moss wall featuring elements of the Partnership’s logo.

The Partnership has visitors from around the world looking at Northeast Indiana as a place of possibility. Views from the 9th floor office showcase a growing downtown Fort Wayne, as well as other parts of the city.

Their modern, unique space is a welcoming environment to conduct business, work, and highlight the unique talents of our region.
Size: 8,850 sf
Scope: Architecture, MEP, and Interior Design