Understanding your campus, facilities, infrastructure, systems, and their performance is crucial to maintaining optimum efficiency, building lifecycles, maintenance costs, occupant performance and comfort, and more. With strained budgets, especially as a result of COVID-19 impacts, it’s hard to prioritize needs across healthcare systems and campuses.
Meanwhile, cutting costs without sacrificing operations, service delivery, and the patient experience is challenging at best but often necessary to maintain financial health. Conducting a strategic facility study is one tool healthcare organizations can use to keep operational expenses in check.
Benefits of Strategic Facility Studies:
• decreased life-cycle and maintenance costs
• improved best-value decisions that weigh short- and long-term costs against strategic goals
• improved HCAHP scores
• improved staff turnover/retention
• reduced facility outages
• increased energy efficiency
Our healthcare facilities team is experienced with performing strategic facility studies, which are conducted to help owners better understand your facilities, the assets and liabilities they present, and any opportunities for cost savings that exist system-wide. The ideal time to conduct a Strategic Facilities Study is now – or anytime an organization needs to evaluate facilities, systems, operations, and expenses to better understand and rein in costs.
Why conduct a Strategic Facility Study?
• low-cost, low-risk, high-value endeavor
• COVID-19 response and best-practices are evolving at a rapid pace
• COVID-19 best practices become better defined
• COVID-19’s long-term impact on healthcare is learned
• current climate is ideal to evaluate and plan for the future
• build community trust and confidence
Strategic Facility Studies Include:
• understanding the long-range vision for the organization
• defining sought-after success factors and metrics
• identifying assets and liabilities that facilities presents in achieving goals and vision
• evaluation of existing facility across multiple measures/metrics
• presentation of findings, and prioritization to align with strategic vision for the organization
• assemblage of an action plan to guide planning and implementation efforts ongoing
For more information 
on Strategic Facility Studies or to discuss 
your organization’s needs, contact:
Mike Niezer, RA